Counseling Services For Firefighters | Through the Fire and Flames
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Through the Fire and Flames

A house is burning. The smell of ash, burnt wood, and molten rock lingers in the air. A terrible dark cloud of billowy grey smoke rises above the rooftops of the city and hovers as if signaling that an awful tragedy has occurred. For those watching the smoke from miles away, just seeing it fills them with dread as they think about what has happened and if any unfortunate soul was unlucky enough to become trapped within the domain of those deadly flames. The squealing sound of fire trucks fills the air, further adding to the pandemonium ensuing and perhaps serving to confirm observers’ fear of impending danger. Amidst the roar of the blazing inferno, screams can be heard echoing from inside – their piercing shrill sends chills down the spines of police and local firefighters, who desperately act in the most heroic of fashions to silence the burning menace. Thinking selflessly and without a care for their own safety, these stoic and stout-hearted men and women leap through the open gateway to the abysmal maw of hell, valiant and ready to serve by saving whomever they may. Their tools of the trade at the ready, oxygen mask to avoid suffocation, fire ax and water hose available to overcome whatever situation arises.


VALENCIA, SPAIN - MARCH 20: Firefighters put out a Falla during the last day of the Las Fallas Festival on March 20, 2013 in Valencia, Spain. The Fallas festival, which runs from March 15 until March 19, celebrates the arrival of spring with fireworks, fiestas and bonfires made by large puppets named Ninots. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***


They charge courageously through the fire and the flames, seeking redemption in hot, burning glory. They disappear for but a moment, as the smoke completely engulfs the causeway and the entrance becomes obscured from sight. As the flames rise higher and all seems lost, they suddenly emerge, gasping for breath – two survivors in tow. Grasping their saviors tightly with outstretched arms, the exit beckons towards them. Freedom is just within reach. As our heroes gallantly make their way across the courtyard with the two survivors, a mechanical popping sound echoes from the vast reaches of the smoke beyond. In an instant, and accompanied by a terrible screeching, an awful noise rockets around the enclosure and a flash explosion engulfs the entire building. Our fearless champions have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their courage.





Our firefighters work fearlessly and tireless every day to ensure that we and the people in our community remain safe from the threat which always surrounds us. Due to the traumatizing nature of their work, many are affected by disorders, anxiety, and depression. Support your community and local firefighters today!