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About Firefighters



Firefighters – The True Heroes in our Society

With the advent of the superhero genre in film taking over once again in the form of blockbusters such as Avengers or Batman v Superman, moviegoers are flocking to the cinemas more than ever before. It seems that no matter how many times they see their favorite superhero character on the big screen, fighting villains and saving the good people in distress, they keep coming back for more and simply cannot get enough. Perhaps a superhero is what each and every one of us needs – perhaps it’s wired into our psychological subconscious that having incredible powers is the only way for us to truly help people and make a change in the world that we live in. When I stop and think about Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League, it makes me think of all the real-life superheroes that we have today, working alongside us in our society and helping out communities. They wear masks, they wear uniforms, and they have special tools that help them accomplish their goals. And no, I’m not talking about Batman and his many high-tech gadgets, or Superman whose classic red and blue costume and be easily spotted and recognized from a mile away. I’m talking about firefighters – those that go out every day and put themselves in harm’s way, stare in the face of death, tiptoe around danger supreme, and go out of their way to help others. They may not have a mask and cape, but definitely their helmet, fire hose, and oxygen mask/respirator are a great aid when they traverse the deadly confines of a burning building. These heroic men and women risk their lives every day to save others, and although they are heroes and may seem bullet-proof, they unfortunately are not.




Something to ponder

Unlike Clark Kent who can catch bullets with his hands, firefighters are only human beings whom can sometimes become extremely emotionally scarred by the many types of disastrous situations that they find themselves in. Many firefighters have lost their lives (over 4,000) doing what they believe is right and trying to help others, and those who were lucky enough to survive have to deal with issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, and post traumatic stress disorder. Many have lost friends and fellow co-workers to the deadly flames, and having to live with that burden is something that not many people can handle. In recent times, some of these heroes have been unable to cope up with the mental and emotional stress that they’re dealing with, and thus have seen fit to take their own lives, thinking incorrectly that this was the better solution to drown out the pain. It is up to us to realize and to see these real life superheroes for what they’re worth – true assets to the community and country, professionals, a brother, and father, or a son. So the next time you’re watching an Avengers movie in the theatre, remember the firefighters – they are real flesh and blood heroes that are saving the day around the world, extinguishing one fire at a time.