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Counseling Services for Fire Fighters, LLC (CSFF) was created with many goals and objectives to help improve the awareness of behavioral health within the fire service across the United States. We have developed workshops to assist fire officers in observing and communicating with employees who may be dealing with behavioral health needs. CSFF, in conjunction with Advantage EAP, is also in the process of developing workshops to aid clinicians on understanding the life style of firefighters, which will enhance firefighters to seek professional help when needed. We are currently developing workshops for spouses, children and other family members of a firefighter. These workshops will enable a family to develop a stronger sense of communications and understanding within the family structure.

Depression, anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorder and addictions are just a few of the behavioral issues that firefighters currently struggle with today. Yet, there is one disturbing behavioral health issue that needs immediate attention and that is the increase of firefighter suicides. Whether the numbers have always been there and we, as the fire service, have always looked the other way, or perhaps there has never been an official designation for this data we do not know. We do however know that CSFF is attempting to create a National Data system to which fire chiefs can report these unfortunate situations.

We firmly believe that being a firefighter, whether career, paid on call, or volunteer, it is truly the greatest job on earth. CSFF is dedicated to ensure that every man and woman who gives help to those in need will also receive the same treatment of compassion when they are faced with their own behavioral health problems.