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Getting To Know How Much Does A Dentist Make

Dentist Salary

05 Jun Getting To Know How Much Does A Dentist Make

The reason why people work is satisfy one’s needs and provide a comfortable way of living. Working as a dentist will give you the opportunity to get rich and put some extra money in your pocket. A dentist’s profession is considered as among the highest paid jobs in the world despite the factors that are affecting it.  Do you want to know how much does a dentist make; read on and make a decision whether you will pursue your dental career or not.


Majority of the dentists typically earn around 60,000 US Dollars every year. This will continue to increase once they have built up their reputation. Based on the records of US Department of Labor, the highest paying dental practitioners are the general dentists who earn around 120,000 US Dollar annually. The major percentage of it comes from the dental providers that offer emergencies and cater weekend patients.

However, the lowest earning dental jobs are those that are working in the state clinics and general medical centers. They are only earning 68,810 US Dollars a year. Meanwhile, the highest paid ones are those who have specialization who are earning around 315,000 US Dollar per year.


Categorically, dental practitioners that offer cosmetic specialties have the best salaries which can reach up to 500,000 US Dollar annually particularly in the state of New York and California. Another specialization that has also huge salary is the endodontics. They can be paid as high as 184,000 US Dollars every year while orthodontists can also be paid around 186,000 US Dollars per year. This numbers are also earned by dental providers who practice pediatric dentistry.


One of the most crucial factors that greatly affect a dentist’s salary is the geographical location. The states that have an average annual salary of 180,000 US Dollars are dentists that are working in Alaska, Delaware and Connecticut. The same goes to Oklahoma and Louisiana and this will just slowly increase every year. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico dental practitioners have the lowest income since they can only earn at least 74,000 US Dollar per year.

Experts Point of View

The daily earning of a dentist ranges from 500 – 700 US Dollars which is an average salary. For those who are self-employed and work during the weekend and holidays, they can earn as much as 1,000 US Dollars per day.

Based on the recent Payscale surveys, how much does a dentist make depending on the dentist’s experience. If you are new to the field, a dentist can only earn 98,000 US Dollars while veteran oral healthcare providers can earn an average salary of 130,000 US dollars every year.

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